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Get your ink thicknesses correct, use proper pressures and speed, employ correctly adjusted heat settings. Avoid overprinting as much as possible. Don’t rush. Take the time to learn. Sublimation printing on t-shirts is one of the simplest ways to print t-shirts. Polyester based t-shirts are printed with the sublimation process. The process involves an already printed but negative image on paper which is transmitted to the polyester t-shirt by simply placing and pressed with a certain temperature. It is one of the economical ways to print the team’s logo and small patterns. Since the papers are printed on digital printing machines so there are no restrictions on the number of colors, therefore, the quality of prints is very good.

Official Ye Vs They 2024 Mug

Depends on output. Measure the output of the current heat press. Know that if the decal being pressed is small, you can probably double down and do several at a time depending on the size of your press pad. Then and only then buy another one. Also if your orders are consistent in volume and you can forecast it, it probably makes sense to buy another, if not its better to outsource. Redundant machinery is basically money that’s unusable. Cracking occurs when lousy apparel, lousy ink, or lousy technique is used. Since I’m absolutely sure that you would never use shitty material that leaves technique.

Official Ye Vs They 2024 Mug Mug den

Not exactly a hack, but it may save your life. When you are in the airplane, count the number of seats between you and an exit. Even with emergency lighting, people have no idea how hard it will be to see if the airplane is filled with smoke, screaming people, noise, even water perhaps. Counting the number of headrests between you and the emergency exit (in front and behind you) may just save your life. The ultimate ‘hack’ is to climb over the seats rather than trying to escape down the aisle. People will naturally go to the aisle in an emergency. Grab your kids if they are with you, and climb over the seat backs next to the window. Try and help others of course, but help yourself first.

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