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The reason is that during rainy days the air becomes saturated. That means the air is filled with such amount of water-vapor that, it cannot accept more than that. Have a glass of water and add sugar. After some time the sugar gets dissolved in water and there won’t be any traces of sugar anymore. Again adding some more sugar will do the same. But after certain amount even after constant stirring the sugar won’t dissolve any more. The reason is that the water becomes saturated. If water becomes saturated, no amount of stirring or heating can dissolve the sugar.

Mele Kalikimaka Surfboard Hibiscus Flower Hawaiian Ornament

Air has a limited capacity to hold moisture depending on temperature. Air in contact will remove water from clothes it is in contact with. Until it reaches capacity. There are two things one can do to facilitate the drying processes. 1. Heat the air. It will hold more moisture and be better able to dry the clothes. But by putting the item in cold water and leaving it to soak overnight slowly the blood stain will discolorate . Then, put a liquid detergent on the spot and prepare yourself to scrub and rub until the stain vanishes. If there is still a shadow of the stain pour salt on the spot with fresh squeezed lemon juice and put the item out when there is sunshine. The sun will do the rest. Don’t forget to rinse the whole item with cold water. The drying of clothes depends on various factors like humidity, temperature, air velocity etc . But the real question is that clothes do dry during winter season even with less sunlight. Actually drying of clothes depends mainly on humidity.

Mele Kalikimaka Surfboard Hibiscus Flower Hawaiian Ornament Mug trang

I prefer to line dry my underwear, as a dryer would ruin the elastic in the waistband of my jockstraps, which are my daily form of underwear. I wear at least 15+ pairs throughout a week and launder them all together on a medium heat setting, with environmentally friendly soap powder and fabric softener. Then they get air dried outside ,if the weather permits, or inside if not. I’m not bothered that people might see my underwear drying outside, though my garden isn’t overlooked. If you washed a t-shirt and dried it in the dryer, you shouldn’t have to worry about air drying it as it is already dry.

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