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The Briard’s shaggy coat sheds little and doesn’t hold dirt or water, but expect to spend a couple of hours a week grooming it, more if you have let it go for too long and it develops mats or tangles. Other grooming requirements include cleaning the ears and trimming the nails as needed, and bathing the Briard when he’s dirty. Those who have owned and loved this breed have mentioned that there is often feces, grass, burrs and other outdoorsy stuff to be combed or cut out. They get muddy and pick up anything that may be moving through the air- dandelion seeds, etc. Also to have these magnificent creatures groomed costs a fortune.

Girls Next Level Merch Girls Next Level Collegiate Mug

Even when there doesn’t appear to be any obvious trigger, there can be hidden events that impact our hair and body that we may not even be aware of. Even though I experienced my first case of TE in my teens when my eating disorder (bulimarexia) really took hold of me, the initial shedding stopped. Case in point…I had Covid twice. I had a very mild case in the Spring of 2020 and a very severe case in January of 2021. Since my first TE event in my teens, I have noticed my body is much more sensitive to anything which might not seem like an obvious trigger, but still flips the hair shedding switch.

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Additionally, some people swear by using shampoos formulated explicitly for pet dander control (these typically contain apple cider vinegar), while others use anti-shedding sprays made from aloe vera gel or garlic cloves oil mixed with water). Regular grooming should reduce excessive coat production as long as you provide plenty of hydration – drinks and fresh food – and occasional treats like Kong toys. As has been stated, shedding is less of an issue than other components of the often 6 inch coat of this breed. is the Internet’s Leading Pet Care and Health Resource / Find a Veterinarian

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