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Underlying their marauding form, Australia is one-dimensional in both their batting and bowling. Last time in SCG their bowlers leaked well over 300 runs against SL, making their spin weakness quite apparent. And their batting seems to be on one mode – attack – as their match against NZ showed. In the league stage, other teams didn’t utilize these weaknesses. But then there were no other good sides in their league & no real close games. Thus, India would happily enter the SCG that is far more spinning this season than its usual. Given the current forms of India and Australia, SCG’s history and the spinning nature of the wicket, I would at best put 50:50 chances if Pakistan doesn’t shock Australia at Adelaide. It would be a cracking contest.

Etherealki The Grishaverse Shadow And Bone Cool Graphic Gifts Mug

The India semifinals is at SCG – among the happier Australian grounds for India. It is historically India’s stepping stone to glory in Australian soil. It is the ground they first won a test victory in Australian soil 4 decades ago [4th Test: Australia v India at Sydney, Jan 7-12, 1978 ] It is there they won back to back games against England and New Zealand to eventually lift the World Series cup in 1985. It is there they won their first finals in triseries in Australia in 2008 to eventually destroy the Australian curse and take the trophy. In the past 7 years, India and Australia are pretty even there – with both sides winning one each game in the past 3 encounters. Cricket Records | Records | Sydney Cricket Ground

Etherealki The Grishaverse Shadow And Bone Cool Graphic Gifts Mug Mug den

New Zealand appear invincible at the moment. However, at the finals where they would play first time outside home, neither of those 2 advantages exist and their empty World Cup cupboard might indicate their inability to withstand pressure at the highest level. Against Aus and Scotland, their brittleness of middle order was visible, something that could be exploited in the finals just like it was on 18th March 1992 (New Zealand v Pakistan at Christchurch, Mar 18, 1992 Australia, the favorites with all matches to play at home, faces an unpredictable Pakistan that is on an upswing. If they get past that they need to meet India on a spinning track at SCG to meet NZ in the finals. That is 3 big hurdles.

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