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Assuming you would like a shirt and tie combination that would look good with a dark olive suit, a light blue shirt with a brown tie would be a good choice. Anything that isn’t blue or black. This is an inherently conservative look, and it will work well with a diagonal stripe. I have one that’s pink/navy, one that’s red/blue, and one that’s yellow with a narrow blue stripe. An alternative would be a dark red with a subtle small print, or dark red with a small light blue polka dot. Nothing too bold! A navy blue, black or brown suit will create the right framework for the shirt. The color of the tie will then, become secondary in the outfit. Just like Ben said, you have many choices (except white) because a white shirt basically provides you with a blank canvas for colour. For a less formal family event, and with your tanned skin and dark hair you have a lot of opportunity to experiment or be playful with colours. A light blue suit is already quite informal, so I’d suggest keeping with that theme. Remember also that the job of the suit jacket, shirt and tie is to draw the eyes to your face, and to complement your colouring. However a light blue suit is already quite showy, so I’d not want anything over the top for the tie or shirt. I’d go with plain colours and some texture in the cloth. You have three choices of colours to play with, from a light blue base. These are based on a colour wheel, like this one I snagged from somewhere on the net ages ago:

Chinese Style Totalitarian State American Gun Owners Mug

As when dealing with patterned shirts and ties, it’s a wise idea to avoid pairing a patterned suit with any clothing containing a similar pattern. The most common suit pattern is pinstripes (very thin vertical stripes) so, usually, this means avoiding striped shirts or ties, especially if their stripes are vertical and thin. As a general rule, try to avoid wearing three patterned garments. In other words, make sure one of your garments is a solid color. It’s difficult to pull off three different patterns in the same outfit – if your look backfires, you may end up looking like a clown. Finally, you may want to pick a suit that doesn’t add any new colors if your outfit is already packed with color. Using your suit to add color to an outfit that has plenty is a bad idea – usually, the effect this produces is that of a muddled mess. To be clear, neutral shirt colors like white and similar shades of the same color on ties don’t count toward this “three color” rule. For example, if you’re wearing a dark blue plaid tie, the different shades of dark blue in the plaid pattern don’t count as separate colors.

Chinese Style Totalitarian State American Gun Owners Mug Mug trang

2. A triad colour – matching three colours at equal points. With light blue this gives us yellow-green or dark red Of these I’d suggest dark blues are too staid for the event, unless it’s an accent piece like a tie or pocket square That leaves yellows, oranges and reds – and also perhaps brown. Either one would work well, but not more than one. Something like a white or very pale blue or yellow shirt would work well, as would pink. Light grey would also be an excellent choice – informal but a great base for other colours. With a white or grey shirt I think a dark, rich tie would work well for evening -brown, burgundy or yellow. For daytime something more bright, like a lighter yellow or red.

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