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This summer, there was a burst of excitement when Ganni unveiled items from a Barbour collaboration at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The line, which launches today, includes a ready to wear collection as well as a 50 item Ganni x Barbour Re loved line of upcycled originals. Ganni kept the general structure of the coats while playing with the colors and proportions. On some, the Barbour corduroy collar is given the signature Ganni shape, while others feature embroidery and patches. The connection between the brands isn’t obvious, and the irony in a label so associated with youth and modernity pairing with one steeped in history is not lost on Ganni designers Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. Contrast is a core part of our DNA and always has been,” says Nicolaj. The brand grew out of Ditte’s way of dressing, which was always about pairing [something] like a lace dress with sneakers. We’ve always found a lot of magic happening where there’s contrast. Never a dull moment. Obviously, there’s a huge contrast between what we do and what Barbour does.”

Atlanta's The Boys Atl Lightning Shirt

For her part, Ditte has long loved the Barbour coat and sees it integrating seamlessly into the wardrobe of the Ganni girl, who can wear it effortlessly. That effortlessness is itself a very Barbour quality. Everyone is wearing it from the Queen to kids in the street, people in the countryside, fashion people, not fashion people,” she says. It feels so democratic, and at the same time, it has this amazing heritage and story.” By signing up, I agree to Hearst Magazines’ Terms of Use (including the dispute resolution procedures); my information will be used as described in the Privacy Notice. When the pandemic hit and Dylan Mulvaney lost her job touring with the musical Book of Mormon, she turned to the nation’s arguably biggest stage TikTok. Now, Mulvaney has become one of the platform’s viral stars, garnering eight million followers with her series, Days of Girlhood,” where she makes videos highlighting her journey transitioning. That success has led to more opportunities offline walking in New York Fashion Week, speaking at Forbes Power Women’s Summit but Mulvaney’s posts have remained instantly recognizable, in part due to her signature wardrobe colorful, chunky knitwear; playful accessories; and, as of late, a classic Tiffany & Co. heart necklace. I like people to have a familiarity there,” Mulvaney says. When they come to watch my videos, they know what they’re going to get.”

Atlanta's The Boys Atl Lightning Shirt Hoodie

ELLE’s series Clothes of Our Lives decodes the sartorial choices made by powerful women, exploring how fashion can be used as a tool for communication. Below, in her own words, Mulvaney celebrates day 200 of her Girlhood” series by sharing her unapologetic approach to style and the story behind one of her most filmed accessories. I’ve always had a pretty good sense of style, but growing up, I felt very limited in the boy’s clothing department. As I stepped into my teen years, I gravitated toward blacks and grays colors that echoed the gender dysphoria happening within me. I was drawn to women’s clothing, but whenever I picked up a certain shirt or dress, there was always a voice in my head saying, What are people going to think.”

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