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That’s tough, obviously, but I think I would go with The Triple Cs—so cornbread, crab salad, and caviar. It’s hard for me to show up anywhere without people asking me where it is, and it’s a dish that we worked on for a long time to get right. Like I mentioned earlier, so much of what we’re doing here is about storytelling, too, and we really see the cornbread as a symbol of the collaboration between enslaved Africans and Indigenous Americans. Then, with the crab portion of the dish, it’s often said that disenfranchised groups act like crabs in a barrel, right? But crabs don’t belong in a barrel—so it makes you think about the systems in place that create conditions where there’s scarcity for certain people in certain environments. And then the caviar on top—well, we had to put the black as the foundation, and the black at the top, and give you a little opulence, you know? That’s our biographical dish right there.

Wiseguyz sports betting T-Shirt

Unlike most of The Crown’s fifth season, episode six does not take place in the 1990s. Instead, it opens in World War I–era Britain, when the House of Windsor was headed not by Queen Elizabeth but by her grandfather King George V and his wife, Queen Mary. A letter arrives at the king’s desk from Downing Street. The subject? The tsar and tsarina of Russia who, months earlier, had been overthrown in the Russian Revolution. “The government is willing to send a ship to bring the Romanovs to safety here in England,” the king’s aide tells him. “The prime minister does not wish to do so without your support.” The whole family exchanges wary glances across the table. The episode then cuts to a home, called Ipatiev House, deep within the Russian countryside. An imprisoned Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra are woken up by a soldier who tells them they are being moved to a new location. “It’s Cousin George!” Nicholas exclaims to his wife. They could not be more wrong: Minutes later, their entire family is brutally murdered in a basement. The British royal family, as it turns out, refused to help them with safe passage to the United Kingdom.

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Fast forward to the 1990s, and Queen Elizabeth is preparing to meet Boris Yeltsin, the new president of the Russian Federation. The viewer learns that Elizabeth and Philip are relatives of the Romanovs—and wary of Yeltsin’s decision in the 1970s to demolish Ipatiev House when he was a minor official. When Prince Philip learns that his DNA may help identify the remains of his Russian ancestors, he begins researching the two royal family’s relationship, and their roles in each other’s fates. The Crown is known for drawing on events from across royal history to bring its present-day narrative to life. But in the case of the relationship between the Windsors and the Romanovs—what’s fiction, and what actually happened?

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