Snaket-shirt – Happy Holidays Georgia Sports Abbey Road Signatures Merry Christmas Ornament

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No need to figure out how to get on the train that left the station yesterday. Its like creating Eclipse 2017 shirts in 2018. You might be better off to never look at whats trending and instead research what people are looking for, but aren’t finding. Find gaps in the marketplace with zero competition, and then fill that gap for the purpose of monopolizing it. Then when the scavengers and nits come along and attempt to peck away at ‘trending’ sales found by doing free research, what they also find is that they’re up against stacks of your own designs which come with the usual aforementioned benefits of being first. On average I sell about 50 per month with zero extra effort on my part, wholly organic. Of those, there are about 25 unique ones sold from around 450 uploads.

Happy Holidays Georgia Sports Abbey Road Signatures Merry Christmas Ornament

Occasionally I have anomaly months like in December with Christmas & other holidays, and October/November 2017 sold 180 each month due to catching a trend by accident. Standard clothes sizes in the US are, on average, at least a full size larger than those in Europe. A US ‘M’ will easily fit a UK ‘L’, and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. Hello, I am from India and in to a T-shirt business from past 1.5 years, when we started it, we faced a lot of difficulties, but no doubt we get good sales, If you want to start T-shirt business in India, just keep in mind 3 points. What kind of T-shirts are cheap and comfortable to wear online? Summer is the peak season for T-shirt customization. At this time, whether it is fashion or work clothes T-shirts, a large number of orders will be received. For enterprises, online customized T-shirts Great focus on price, but for employees, t-shirts need to be comfortable and good looking.

Happy Holidays Georgia Sports Abbey Road Signatures Merry Christmas Ornament Heart

The designs are about dragon energy so you create one yourself or hire a designer. You upload it and wait for it to appear in the search. You wait for it to sell. You wait for the ka-ching sound – depending on which app you use. The usual sound that follows is crickets. Dragon energy was from a tweet that kanye west did to trump and it went super viral and got millions of eyeballs. The first people to recognize that heat and were first to merchandise the experience made stacks of sales. The ones that were quick to catch on to the strength of the trend immediately copied the originators (within 24 hours there was a hundred dragon energy shirts). Then copycats from other print on demand sites copied that trend and it reached market saturation on a temporary interest. Now there are 15 pages of dragon energy shirts on Amazon that will never sell. Yes the early ones made a lot of sales, but the rest aren’t and it’s over.

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