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I would like to see a change in people’s perction of the planet and sustainability in its three axes environmental, social, and financial. This would cause a systematic evolution in the people and institutions in which they are part, focusing not only on the water footprint, carbon footprint but on other aspects such as the social and democratic role. Bertine Lakjohn, , Marshall Islands climate activist for the Marhsall Islands and Kosrae

Trump 2024 Take America Back Election Shirt

As a Micronesian citizen from both the Marshall Islands and Kosrae, small islands but big ocean nations, I’d like to see some more passion and grit when we all stand together to combat climate change… to protect vulnerable states like mine. My countries won’t be able to handle any more of what climate change has in store if people continue with the same old narrative and the same excuses that overlo the call to change our lifestyles. We need more active fights against the use of fossil fuels, against the overconsumption and overproduction of plastic, and against all that contribute to hurting our earth. Of course, I acknowledge that this change is almost impossible and that it would be hard to recover all the damage that we’ve caused but it hurts no one to reduce our future contributions. And these are all changes I would like to see for the rest of my lifetime, and hopefully some I will actually see achieved.

Trump 2024 Take America Back Election Shirt Hoodie

From this countdown, I hope to converse and learn from fellow activists alongside influential figures of their initiatives and how I could possibly see that implemenin my countries. I also hope to share my experience with those willing to hear about where I come from and how much time we do not have as days go by. I would also hope that the group of people that I interact with during the countdown would further develop my perspective on climate change and actions.

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