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I think a big economic divide in India is between those who speak English and those who don’t. Being fluent in English opens a world of opportunities and social connections. In my school, English was the primary language and the rules only allowed us to speak in English in all school hours except the Hindi class. This means that every student became proficient in English by grade 3, regardless of whether or not their parents were fluent in English. When you combine fluency win English with uniforms, it creates a situation where students judge and befriend people based on the person, i.e. who they are, and not by more superficial metrics like wealthclothes. I’ve been to the homes of friends poorer than me and much richer than me, but it didn’t matter. People were friends because they liked each others’ company and would visit each other’s homes to play if they were close enough. Our social and economic differences were not that visible for all of the school day so they they mattered less outside of school too.

NCAA University Of Arkansas Alley Oop Shirt

There have been sexual-related cases from wearing those uniforms ever since, but that would not change the almost century-old-uniforms…Amazing Thailand.Thailand has world’s sexiest student uniform – I’m a fan of school uniforms and I think uniforms help with creating more open-minded and empathetic people. Uniforms help to ensure that students need to stand out based on their character and achievements, and not just their family’s money and fancy clothes. I went to a Jesuit-run school in Mumbai, India from the age of 5 till 16 10th grade, and we had mandatory school uniforms—white pants, a white shirt that is tucked in, a navy blue tie and black shoes. This is a simple uniform so everyone dressed the same way, regardless of how rich or poor their family was. The Jesuits are a religious order of the church who believe in providing high-quality school education to people from all backgrounds at very affordable costs. Thus, my class had students from so many different classes of society, students whose parents backgrounds included working class people, professionals like doctors, lawyers, and engineers, government officials, business owners, etc. The education was high-quality and cheap, which is what created this diverse set of students.

NCAA University Of Arkansas Alley Oop Shirt Hoodie

I went to Senior High School 67 Halim Jakarta 17 years ago and I still recall the school issued warning to students who would stain their uniforms, they would be sanctioned firmly and the school meant it by calling some Provost from Indonesia Airforce to patrol around the school area. The result no student who graduated daring to stain their uniforms. One student was idiot enough to stain his uniform with pilox and his face got slapped by the scary looking provost in front of his friends. We never had uniforms but i always though the kids who went to the private school looked proper smart wearing collared shirts under their pullovers. Before the pandemic of COVID-19, Japanese and Chinese tourists wiped out the shelves clean buying it as a souvenir to wear as Cosplay fetish During the college years, my sister got a death threat from a man if she disallowed him to meet her after her study in that uniform.

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