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This man, in age 78, seeing our country in big division back in 2020, decides he is going to make one more push for being the president, using his ways of course, to guide our country to the right track. Most people in age 78 already retired, Biden? Still fighting for our country.

Joe Biden has been in politics for 43 years! Sure, Republicans will tell you “so he had colluded lots of money in these 43 years”, but you cannot deny, it is never easy to be a senator, a VP, or even the POTUS, he had been working for our nation for 43 years, I don’t care what anyone tells you, this is impressive. And I don’t say this in a partisan intent. When the news former Alaska GOP representative Don Young died, (he had been representing Alaska in the congress for also 40+ years) I also wished that man rest in peace. Never liked him, but hats off for him representing Alaska for decades.

Anyone who worked for our country for 40+ year, either as a veteran, or in the government for 40+ years, they deserve a standing ovation. If Joe Biden’s physical condition is too bad to make him continue his presidency and decides to leave, at the moment he announces this news in front of TV, I will give him a standing ovation, I don’t always agree with him, and I admit I do dislike quite a few things he has been doing now, but hats off for all the works he had done for our nation.

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