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For the washing machine, different sensors can achieve the same manual real-time monitoring. For example, the light sensor can detect the expression of the cleaning solution to determine whether to wash clothes or rinse, can replace our eyes; the pressure sensor can automatically determine the weight of the garment, calculate the appropriate amount of detergent, equivalent to our sense of touch; The humidity sensor can detect the degree of wet and dry processes in the dry cleaning machine to determine the drying of the laundry, and the thermal sensor can sense the temperature of the drum to avoid high-temperature drying of the burned garment and the like.

Georgia Bulldogs 5 Straight Shirt

The addition of sensors can mimic the senses of the human visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, etc., different senses to determine the current state and greatly improve the intelligence level of the washing machine. It can be seen that the detergent in the washing machine will automatically test the cleanliness of the clothes, and the sensor of the smartphone operating system for dry detection is inseparable. It is worth mentioning that although the sensor is very close to intelligence, it still faces some solutions. After all, only in the sensor component device, but there are also some misinformation false positives. For example, if the sensor surface is wet with water, then the sensor will think of a very wet drum, making a false judgment and abuse procedure. Therefore, in order to fully intelligent home appliances, it is still the way to go.

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