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Well depending on the venue, area or milleu you are frequenting and the overall weather you could team all the colours of the rainbow with a white shirt. Not all of the colours at once of course but as its a white shirt it will match itself to any colour. If you want to be a little different then wear white shorts with the white shirt. If you want to be different then you can mix it with a light blue short, if you are in daring mood then go with red or if you just want a sombre colour then any shade of a dark colour; maybe dark grey, dark blue, dark brown or even black.

Chase Claypool Wide Receiver Chicago Bold Number Signature Shirt

The blue hue will always match a brown palette. As long as the navy blue is a dark tint so it would contrast well with a bright tint from the brown palette such as beige or coffee colour. Here are some excellent choices in what to wear with men’s navy blue shorts. In the photos I’ve prepared for you below you will see the following colors combined with navy blue shorts: White, shades of brown, sky blue, navy, baby blue, beige, cream, and plaid with blue, white and magenta. Please see below the photos for my comments!

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Navy blue shorts with a navy blue jacket over an off-white shirt with a pinkish hue. The black suspenders, black & white shoes, and black portfolio pull this outfit together perfectly. Navy blue shorts with a cream-colored jacket worn over a navy blue shirt. This outfit is styled with brown shoes and brown eyeglasses to complete the look. There are a lot of shirts that go well with brown shorts! I usually like to pair a brown short with a white or black shirt. I think that a light colored shirt can also look really nice with brown shorts. Given that denim is considered a neutral color by today’s fashion stylists, you could wear just about any color shirt you wish. You could choose the most popular color combination by wearing a white shirt, or a black and white striped shirt.

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