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Like most Americans, I doubt I would notice someone wearing a t-shirt with a Russian Federation flag printed on it. Actually, I probably would not recognize a Russian Federation flag if I saw one. , our new collaborative coding and pair programming service. It lets you invite other people into your IDE project and work on it together in real time. In a nutshell, it works like this: The guest opens the link in their browser, a free lightweight client application is automatically downloaded, and they can join the corresponding Code With Me session. I’d think the person in question was either an idiot or was trying to bait people into attacking him. However, I’d keep my opinion to myself and not actually engage. Because the idiot in question has the right to wear a t-shirt with a Russian flag, if they want to.

Alma Panthers 2022 MHSAA Team Wrestling Final Eight shirt

I would suddenly feel a spell of imbalance and accidentally trip or knock him or her down or spill food or coffee on them or something along those lines, then profusely apologize and tell them something is wrong with my ear and I lost my balance, I’m so sorry. Then on my way out I would feel an urge to randomly scream “cu.nt!”, it’s my Tourette Syndrome. I’m so sorry. Obviously this would have nothing to do with the flag it would be a pure random event but these things happen sometimes. I love the Russian flag, it’s the most beautifully plain and harmoniously color-discordant piece of sweet unremarkability. A work of creative genius and 3 times (!) more than a single stripe. Profound symbolism.

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Most Canadians would not give it a second glance. Lots of people buy tee shirts or other shirts with US flags from vacations across the line. You’ll see flags of lots of nations on tee shirts in Canada. Don’t assume when you see a Canadian wearing a University of Houston sweatshirt that they went there either. Canadians have favourite US college teams. I once met a cocalero in the middle of nowhere in the Bolivian rain forest far from any city or town. He was wearing an OSU Buckeyes hoody. I didn’t assume he matriculated there. Son, are you under the impression that there is such a thing as the “American Race”? That in all the wide world, there is one particular ethnicity, skin color, or phenotype that is the definition of “American”?

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