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Another problem is the price. If the cost of the school uniform is too high for poor families, it can stop some children from going to school in countries where education is not a right but a privilege. And it’s hard to imagine something similar here in Finland where temperatures can vary between -35 and +30 degrees Celsius. A school uniform would have to include so many garments that the overall cost would be really high. Girls in Academia María Reina some 27 years later. It feels incredible to look at those photos and realize they still wear exactly the kind of clothes I used to wear. Photo source: School Profile – Academia María Reina As someone who has attended both, a school with a strictly enforced uniform, and a wear-what-ever school, I can honestly say that I have no preference.

Alma Panthers 2022 MHSAA Team Wrestling Final Eight Tee Shirt

Both have benefits. A uniform provides you with a sense of stability and consistency. There is something reassuring, knowing exactly what you will wear. No pressure, no early mornings spent trying to decide what to wear. It is simple efficient and comforting. Because every one looks the same and because no one can express themselves with clothes, peoples personalities become more distinct. You pay less attention to the clothing and more on the person. Uniforms also help to limit early judgement. On the other hand it does not give you the chance to make yourself look better. Because everyone is dressed the same, only those with natural attractiveness, look good in them. With uniforms it is easier to be lost in the crowd some might not like that, I like it.

Alma Panthers 2022 MHSAA Team Wrestling Final Eight Tee Shirt Hoodie den

On the other hand, being free to wear what you wish, is freeing. You get to choose how others see you and have the chance to improve your appearance or enhance it. This also makes people easier to tell apart and creates a more interesting environment. When people are free to chose what they wear, the entire school is more lively and diverse. I cannot believe we outsourced our moral teaching to school. Shouldn’t parents be educating their kids on the kind of morals and ethic they should have The educational institutions have the full rights to decide about the uniforms which the students of the school or colleges will be wearing in the classrooms. For boys that would mean dark trousers, white shirt, plain dark tie and jumper, dark jacketblazer, black shoes not trainers sneekers

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