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ipods are pretty much completely outclassed by smartphones. the Janis joplin pearl bottle label classic shirt Moreover only ipod that even had any niche left was the ipod shuffle which they discontinued too soon imo. it wasn’t until powerbeats pro or airpods pro release that the ipod shuffle should’ve been discontinued. Certainly, they’ll probably put it in as a bundle with Apple Music for a year or require you to have an Apple Music account to pre-order. That’s what they want I find this sad. I’m rare that I have an android phone but I liked my ipod as an external music source. I also have had it for years so have such a large music collection on it. I still have my 40GB iPod from 2004. I felt like a cartel leader hauling all that illegally downloaded music around. Now I just use YouTube Music, oh how the turns have tabled.

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