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Only a revolution could, and did, uproot the feudal economic system in the countryside. The land reform and repudiation of peasant debt carried out under the leadership of the Communist Party in the late 1940s and early 1950s represented the most massive expropriation and redistribution of wealth from rich to poor in world history. The 1950 Marriage Law of revolutionary China established marriage by mutual consent, right to divorce, and outlawed the sale of children and infanticide. A new women’s movement, larger and more sweeping in vision than any in history, set out to break down the subordinating division of labor between men and women and to break down the walls of domestic life.

UGA SEC Champs Helmet Southeastern Conference Elite Players - Elite Fans 2022 Shirt

These countries are not run by one leaders, but are run by serious governments with mechanisms in place. Also, China has representatives of their government in every single country and UN so I highly doubt keeping 20 leaders as ransom would help. Also such is the absurdity of the idea that the moment this happens, China will cease to exist as a national entity in the world and the repercussions would be its ouster from every single existing mechanism. Maybe even a military action Let’s go a bit more deeply into the profound difference socialism made to most people. Before the revolution came to power in 1949, China had been dominated by foreign imperialist powers. By practically all available measures, the economy was near the bottom of the world development scale. It had little industry. Agriculture was brutal serfdom. China had the most ruinous inflation in modern world history. It had a vast criminal underworld of gangsters and secret societies, and almost 90 million opium addicts. For women, it was a living hell: foot binding, arranged marriages, and child brides were widespread social practices. Prostitution was rampant in the cities.

UGA SEC Champs Helmet Southeastern Conference Elite Players - Elite Fans 2022 Shirt hoodie

You’ve been lied to. In reality, China’s industrial economy under Mao grew impressively–at an average rate of 10 percent per year, even during the Cultural Revolution. China, the former “sick man of Asia,” transformed itself into a major industrial power in the quarter century between 1949 and 1976–a rate of development comparable only to the greatest surges of growth in history. Agriculture grew by some 3 percent a year, slightly exceeding population growth. By 1970, the problem of adequately feeding China’s population had been solved. This was accomplished through integrated economic planning, a system of collective agriculture that promoted grass-roots mobilization, flood control, steady investment in rural infrastructure, and the equitable distribution of food to peasants and rationing of essential foods so that all people were guaranteed their minimal requirements.

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