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Now for me i find wearing a bra so much better and i can get to show off my cleavage a lot more if i want to As for a sport bra yes when i do sports its the best bra to wear as it does not rub to much and it will hold your boobs much better One of the girls i work with now she only wears sports bras as for her she finds this more better for her and as i have said before i do have a sister that does not wear any bras you will find out for your self witch is best for you and the best support for you as us girls are all different in what we want

Georgia Bulldogs Jesus Is My Savior Bulldogs Is My Therapy Signatures 2022 shirt

Don’t have a roommate, but I have friends. I change in front if my female friends all the time. I do not care. We all have the same bits. We’ll even go in changing rooms together. Does it matter what we’re changing into? Nope. Again, same bits. And if I did have a roommate I was comfortable enough with, I would change in front of her too. As far as a male roommate, I have a brother so I could care less that way either. As long as nothing too wierd is happening, I’m comfortable enough with myself to not care.

Georgia Bulldogs Jesus Is My Savior Bulldogs Is My Therapy Signatures 2022 s hoodie

Hey man I was ripped off a lot of money by my crazy ex girl friend too. I’m sure there are actually a whole culture of men who was ripped off by their crazy exes. And vice versa. But the best part is you’ll never have to make that mistake again. Well as far as what you can do about it.. you have choices. But the absolute best thing you can do is succeed. That is the ultimate revenge. She stooped low and will karmically pay for her mistake one day in some way shape or form. You in the other hand gave her a nice going away present. Yet sadly it won’t help her in the end with the path she is on. People that steal like that usually have a tragic conclusion. Don’t be among the men that get caught up with everyone that has ever wronged them. You’re literally letting them do it over and over to you mentally every time you let it win and get you down. Have to tell yourself that she is literally your charity case. Good riddance. Or like my buddy Doug would say: Find a better woman.

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