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Fashion is always a microcosm of culture�economically, politically, and otherwise. At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends. For many, the pandemic heightened the public’s sense of appreciation for basic clothing and wardrobe essentials that put utility and comfort above all. Sporting hyper fashion-forward accessories or shopping the latest It bag seemed somewhat out of sync with the state of the world. Now, the state of the world puts the onus once again on mood-boosting clothes and trend-forward going out wares, but prioritizing utilitarian wardrobe essentials remains a throughline. We’ve understood the value of fashion staples, and why forget what we’ve learned. Fundamental pieces that previously hid at the bottom of closets, like white button-downs and blazers, are no longer afterthoughts dug up occasionally to anchor a bold outfit. As we refocus our wardrobes to meet the current times, basic pieces that both maximize comfort and keep us looking (and feeling!) polished for the day reign supreme.

Santa Washington Commanders Logo Lights Christmas Sweater

As editors, we often wax poetic on the latest runway must-haves and home decor treasures, but not every item we gush about on this website ultimately ends up in our closets and homes. Our discoveries are nice to behold�they’re lovely to look at and inspire fun conversation�however, of all these cool things to buy, what did we actually end up purchasing. Each month we’ll highlight those special finds our editors welcomed into their lives�all the things that made us buyers rejoice.

Santa Washington Commanders Logo Lights Christmas Sweater hoodie don den

From the warmer weather slowly (and I mean very slowly), creeping up in New York City to birthday parties returning to the calendar, there was so much for editors to celebrate last month. And what better way to salute those joyful moments than with a little retail therapy. One editor went all out picking up a fancy pair of earrings to mark her first birthday party since the pandemic. While another prepared for delightful warmer days ahead by treating herself to a floral mini dress.

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